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Vegetable induce gag reflex
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AndornArakh Offline

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Joined: Jun 2017
Vegetable induce gag reflex

Ever since I was a child I have had extreme difficulty with vegetables and some fruits. For some reason the texture and the sensation of chewing it induces a strong gag reflex, at times to the point of vomiting. I have tried eating salad after a few beers but it still sets it off. Its almost painful to chew in a way. I have in recent years turned to spinach smoothies but I wish I could have the convenience of eating a salad form the store or not having to return a meal I ordered because of lettuce.

Im wondering if anyone else has a similar issue and if they have any advice. Thanks!
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Jmelda1 Offline

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RE: Vegetable induce gag reflex

I can relate to an extent. I do have food texture issues, but not as severe as yours. I've never vomited, but I am unable to physically chew and swallow some foods because of texture, and sometimes flavor. My mouth sort of freezes up sometimes and the only solution is to spit out the food. The flavor of toothpaste can easily cause a flat out gag reflex with me. I'm not salad person myself, but that has slightly more to do with motor issues with a fork, and a lack of enthusiasm in the bland taste. Texture might have some piece to play, now that I really think about it.

Before I finished reading your post, I was going to suggest smoothies, but I see that you're already doing that. Are you working with an OT? I'm wondering if there's any way to desensitize to food textures.
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AsheSkyler Offline
Feathered Jester

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RE: Vegetable induce gag reflex

Pinto beans. I absolutely hated those chalky pinto beans as a kid. I can kinda eat them now, but they have to be paired with other things for me to be able to tolerate them. Slimy foods aren't my cup of tea either. Turnip greens are my limit in that area.
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