Resources for SPD

Looking for symptoms checklists, research, flyers, or products to help you on your journey toward SPD recovery? Our "Resource" section has what you are looking for right here!

This section of the website is loaded with the resources you need to help you find a local support host for you in your area, learn the symptoms that are most present in SPD, or find 'just the right' book to help you learn as much as you can about this disability. We also have plenty of research articles and other print resources available, some in PDF form.

SPD Support Resources

Learn the warning signs of SPD, or conduct an inventory of your own sensory issues on these checklist pages, written individually for each age group, as well as a general one that covers a person's lifespan.

Need one-on-one help from someone in your area? Here you can find a list of all of our official SPD Support Hosts, including contact information.

Perhaps the best and largest repository of links to great online SPD support groups on the web.

There's something empowering about having a printed or PDF version of a document. Find some of the best on SPD here.

A good resource in finding links to other wonderful websites.

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