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Saying hi & Some Questions
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Saying hi & Some Questions

Hi all, good to meet you all.

Just stumbled across this place when googling SPD.

My story is as follows:

Im 30 and I’ve been working in an office with very low celings, lots of artificial light and no natural light for a couple of years now – I’m usually okay when I arrive at work and they gradually get worse throughout the day – and likely stay with me most of the evening.

Usual symptoms:

-Body starts shaking and movements become a bit more irratic.
-Feel uncoordinated/feel like its an effort to walk straight
-I Become clumsy
-Feeling withdrawn as my brain feels like it isn’t working properly, tend to just put my headphones on and ignore people. Makes me not want to do things after work too cause i feel so out of it
-Occasionally will Sneeze when lights turned on
-Words slur slightly/can't think of things to say to people in what are fairly straightforward conversations.
-My memory gets worse
-Harder to do physical tasks due (like boxing or playing football in goal which i do)
-Become irked by loud noises (ie. when in a boxing class when everyone is working in pairs and suddenly starts hitting pads), this only tends to happen when I’ve been at work – ie. not usually an issue if not already feeling bad.

I've seen all types of medical experts none of which mentioned SPD to me - however i was talking to a relative of a GF who deals with problem chilrden in schools and she immediately said "it's SPD 100" so she's referred me to an occupation therapist.

Can anyone here relate to the above and can advise?

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