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Homeschooling with Therapy
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Heart  Homeschooling with Therapy

Hi Everyone,

Please forgive me if this has already been posted, I am new to the forum. My son is 4 with SpD. Currently in speech and OT. A very long story short, both therapies are not going well. My son cannot transition well and it’s been 2 years and still no progression. They would like me to get a school evaluation which is scheduled for next month. I’ve been talking a lot with his ped and others as well on my concerns for him in school. He is non verbal and still not fully potty trained. He still needs help with feeding and pretty much everything. So my concern was public school for him. When my son is home in his comfortable environment, he is willing to learn, focus and is less stressed. I was looking up the benefits of homeschooling a child with special needs and read how it could be best for him. Now my over question is because I haven’t done much research on it. Is there a way I could get him his therapy at home and a tutor for schooling? Does this exist? If my question was hard to understand is I’m trying to get him homeschool with a private teacher and a therapist for his SpD. Once he is progessing then maybe transition him to public school. Was wondering if anyone has done this or has any information on it. If it helps in any way I’m in Illinois.

Please no rude comments, I’m a first time mom with a SN child. I’m learning as well.

Thank you.
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