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Gudetama Offline
Seriously, I can't...

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Joined: Jan 2018
Rainbow  Hi?

1. What brings you here?

To talk to people here, hi.

2. What is your relations to someone with SPD? Do you have it? a child of yours? Do you treat SPD kids as a professional?

Pretty sure it's me. XD If not you can tell me ok?

3. Share a little of your journey if you'd like.

The doctor who actually told me I had this was treating me for migraines and I told him I get motion sickness a lot and he said that it's your brain not able to make your senses line up with what's really happening. If your eyes see one thing but your body feels something else that dissonance will make you feel ill. There's a lot of things I won't do because I know it will make feel sick. Also, some smells trigger it for me where I smell them and I'm instantly feeling unwell. I can only wear certain clothing with no tags. I sometimes feel, like if my body if feeling to much my brain goes underwater a bit and I can zone out. Like I'm there, but not really. It happens a lot when my allergies are acting up. It's not a bad thing in some ways, because it makes things easier, but other times when you want to be fully present and you aren't it's frustrating. As a kid I also never liked to feel sticky, like my mom really wanted a first baby picture of me with cake on my face, but even as a baby I only poked the cake with one of my fingers. That and some sounds I feel are like being stabbed in the ear with a knife. I can't deal with vacuum cleaners at all. I wasn't treated for this as a child or even now as an adult, but I manage a bit... I hope?

4. Is there any immediate help you need?

I'd like to know can people with this develop ocd as a coping mechanism?

5. SPD doesn't run your life! What are your interests?

I write books, love cute things, tea, and wine? o.O

6. What do you like to do in your spare time? Any hobbies or interests?

I love stories and anime? Are 5 and 6 the same? XD
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Dan Offline

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RE: Hi?

Hi Gudetama! Welcome to the site.

I can relate to a lot of what you wrote, the issues you experience that is, and the love or writing and cute things, hehe.

As an answer to your question, yes, I find that OCD symptoms or behaviors can be quite common with SPD. I don't know if one necessarily causes the other, but if it did, I would have to bet on SPD leading to OCD as a coping mechanism, since the sensory systems are more 'core' than higher level brain activity. Of course, that's just my take on it.

Welcome to the site though. I hope you are able to find the community and help you desire here! Smile
Hi, welcome to SPD Support! Have a free cyber hug! hug
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Gudetama Offline
Seriously, I can't...

Posts: 11
Joined: Jan 2018
RE: Hi?

(01-17-2018, 02:18 AM)Dan Wrote:  Hi Gudetama! Welcome to the site.

Thanks and I've noticed a lot of my OCD tendencies were ways to avoid the other things that was going on in my life that made my senses go all weird. It's hard to find information on SPD that's not coupled with an autism spectrum disorder. It's ok if you have that, but there needs to be things out there for people who don't. Maybe if people were looking for the right things they would have caught it earlier with me and I wouldn't be as OCD as I am. I have the compulsions but it's more of a way to avoid discomfort and pain than it is thinking that in an intrusive thought type of a way. The only like legit OCD thing that I have that's separate from that is thinking that I need a glass of wine a day to not get sick, however, the last time I threw up I went to the er because I thought I was going to die. The feeling of doing that, immediately I go into a panic and fear mode. (My brain tells me it's unreasonable, but then the rest of me doesn't listen or care.) Which is why too I have to avoid some things that other people find a lot of fun, like most video games. I know that it will make me feel sick so I don't do it. It makes you feel like your body is controlling you more than your mind controlling your body, if that makes sense?

Also, thanks again. *hugs back*
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