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Apply here to become an SPD Support Host today!

This page contains our official online application for becoming an SPD Support Host. Here you can fill out Part 1 of a 3 stage process for becoming a Host. You should not fill this form out unless you are sure you would like to become a Host.

The 3 processing stages are as follows:

  • Stage 1: Online Application (you are here)
  • Stage 2: Emailed Guidelines, to be sent by a staff member after review of online application.
  • Stage 3: Staff Approval; Your application will be reviewed, and approved applicants will be invited into our Hosts-only group. You can be added to our database, and this website, if you desire.

If you have any concerns regarding this process, or if you would like to request to go through this process via email application, please contact our currently active Administrator, Dan Travis at and he can help you privately. If you are concerned for your privacy, please read our Privacy policy for incoming Host applications.

Online Host Application

Instructions: Please answer each of the following questions truthfully and to the best of your ability. Lying on this application is grounds for being banned from the SPD Support Host Group. Please allow up to one week for a response, though we will often respond to you sooner. Again, this is an application to become a Host for us, and not just a simple questionaire.

Personal Information

In this section, only questions with an * need to be answered. Other questions are optional

Experience with Occupational Therapy (OT)

At this point, all questions must be answered thoroughly.

Occupational Therapy (OT) is the observed official form of treatment for Sensory Processing Disorder. In is also known as Sensory Integrative Therapy.

1. Are you the parent/caregiver of a child who has been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and/or an adult diagnosed with SPD?

2. Have you or your child(ren) been in occupational therapy (OT)?

3. In what ways has OT for SPD been beneficial for you and/or your child?

4. Would you recommend occupational therapy for SPD to others?

5. List OT protocols you have used in treating yourself or a child with SPD (i.e. Wilbarger Brushing Protocol, listening therapy, Interactive Metronome, Astronaut Training, etc.)

Other Therapies

6. List any other forms of non-OT treatment you or your child(ren) have used to help treat SPD (i.e. Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Psychotherapy, Dietary Intervention, etc.)

7. How do you feel these alternative therapies helped (or didn't help) you or your child(ren)?

8. Would you recommend any of these therapies to others with SPD (children)?

SPD Knowledge and Research

9. Please list the books you have read about SPD, or that you would like to read (i.e. "Sensational Kids", "The Out-of-Sync Child", etc.). If you have not been able to read any of them yet, that is no big deal.

10. If there is anything more you would like to learn about SPD, to enable you to aid other adults or parents, what would you like to learn about?

General Hosting Questions

11. SPD Support Hosts can serve the SPD community in many different ways. As a Host, how would you like to help others affected by SPD?

(a) Would you be interested in hosting meetings, events, or demonstrations?

(b) Would you be interested in running, or supporting people on, an online group?

(c) Would you be interested in being a local SPD support resource?

12. There are many ways a Host can bring education, support and awareness to their community. Which forum interests you most?

13. What special interests, talents or strengths do you feel you could share with the Host group?

14. Any thoughts or concerns you have on becoming an SPD Support Host for your community or online?

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