The Out-of-Sync Child (Book Review)

Perhaps the greatest book about SPD, written by Carol Stock Kranowitz, is reviewed by Daniel Travis.

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This day in age, money is tight, especially for the majority of parents with SPD children out there. We offer reviews of SPD products here in our "Reviews" section to help make sure that you don't waste your money! We want to make sure you get the most 'bang for your buck'. So, before you head off to buy your next sensory product, check to see if we've written a review of it already.

The ground-breaking first book by lead SPD researcher, Dr. Lucy Miller, is reviewed by Michelle Morris.

A book that focuses on ways of helping a child with Sensory Processing Disorder, and the family dynamics of having a child with SPD, is reviewed.

A book filled with resources on a multitude of different learning disorders, including Sensory Processing Disorder, is reviewed.

Unfortunately, at this time, the only products we have reviews for are all books on SPD. We do want to expand this list greatly. If you would like to suggest something or even submit a review of your own, let us know about it through our Contact Us page.

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