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Jumping Off a Cliff Into Homeschooling

Don't worry! The cliff is a metaphor. If you are looking for great advice on whether or not you should start homeschooling your child with SPD, this is a true story of how it has worked for one mother. This also is filled with tips on how to successfully navigate the process of removing a child from the school system and homeschooling, and discusses whether or not it is beneficial.

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Welcome to our section where you can find the best information on ways in which you, as a parent of a wonderful child (or children) with Sensory Processing Disorder, can cope with the difficult challenges of raising a child with this disorder. Articles in this section also provide a number of helpful tools that can empower you to make a positive difference in your child's life.

Face it, parenting is tough enough, having a child with SPD is just so much harder. Here you can find some excellent advice to help yourself, one parent to another.

SPD children seem to be able to handle a public environment pretty well for a little while, but then loose it when they get home. This article explains why.

Not everyone understands SPD. Many have never heard about it, others don't believe it. Here are some words of advice when talking to these people.

Great tips and advise are provided for how parents can give their children the best possible experience in the classroom, including information on special accommodations

Trying to get services provided through the school system? Here's a very helpful article by Michelle Morris that might just help you in your fight.

Many people learn differently from others, because many of the brain's functions are divided into two hemispheres. This page contains information on the differences between left and right brained learners.

Written by a mother of an SPD child, this is a great resources for anyone looking for some fun activities to try with their child. This keeps things simle and fun.

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