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Articles about the basics of SPD and how it impacts those who have the disability.

Advice and tools to help parents cope with having a child with SPD, as well as information to help them succeed.

Input and advice from fellow adults with SPD to help adults on their road to recovery.

Information on ways to get started on treating SPD and its symptoms: OT, protocols, and sensory diets.

Stories of parents of SPD children and SPD adults; how they struggled, and how they have found hope.

Reviews of SPD books and other SPD related products.

Resources Section

Learn the warning signs of SPD, or conduct an inventory of your own sensory issues on these checklist pages, written individually for each age group, as well as a general one that covers a person's lifespan.

Infant SPD Symptoms (ages 0-3)
Childhood SPD Symptoms (ages 4-12)
Teen SPD Symptoms (ages 13-17)
Adult SPD Symptoms (ages 18+)

Need one-on-one help from someone in your area? Here you can find a list of all of our official SPD Support Hosts, including contact information.

Perhaps the best and largest repository of links to great online SPD support groups on the web.

There's something empowering about having a printed or PDF version of a document. Find some of the best on SPD here.

A good resource in finding links to other wonderful websites.

Books, music, art, supplies, curriculum, and more... All handpicked and brought to you by Amazon.

About Us Section

What is an SPD Support Host? How can you become one? Find the answers you need for those questions and more, as well as an application, right here.

Host Application
Host Guidelines
Host Testimonials
Why Become a Host?

SPD Support is a part of the SPD International organization, find our parent site and and organization here.

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If you have a story to share with us or are just seeking to contact us for any reason, you can reach us on the forum, or through here.

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