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Dan Travis


Dan's Story, Part II

My real first hand account of living with SPD from the perspective of an adult who grew up without knowing he had SPD. Now, I have been in Occupational Therapy for a few years and am making great strides. This is an update for those who are wanting to know how my life has changed since learning about SPD.

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Here you will find a collection of real life experiences with SPD, written by families and adults who live with this disorder. You may recognize pieces of your own family, yourself, or someone you know. You may realize, you are not alone anymore!

A heartwarming story of a mom who was loosing all hope, only to find it once more by discovering OT for her son.

A first hand account of growing up with SPD as a young man. Written by Dan Travis, this story provides insight and background that is helpful. It also shares good news and a message of hope in Part II.

A down-to-Earth story about visiting relatives when you have a child with SPD, that many parents can relate to.

A true, and funny story about a child with SPD who is 'on the run' from sensory overload.

This is a wonderful story by former host Michele Mitchell about her struggles and triumphs with her daughter, a child with SPD,

A wonderfully written look into the life of someone with Sensory Processing Disorder, Karen's story offers wonderful insight for any parent of an SPD child, and for any adult with SPD.

This is a truly heart-warming story about a mother and her constant fight to help her daughter, who has SPD. This details a lot of her daughter's struggles and symptoms, and shares a good deal of information on the ways in which she has been helping her.

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