Sensational Kids

Sensational Kids

By Dr. Lucy Jane Miller, OTR
(Lead researcher for SPD, Founder of The SPD Foundation)

Dr. Lucy Jane Miller's much anticipated new book "Sensational Kids" arrived in my mailbox yesterday. I couldn't wait to see it, and ripped open the mailing package at the end of my drive.

As I read Lucy's Introduction, I finally understood the source of her compassion, and endless dedication. With my face buried in the book, I muttered, "Order pizza, please...?" to my husband and settled into my chaise lounge. As much as I've learned the past five years about SPD, as many answers as I found, I knew in the first chapters I had found more. I was glued.

With great warmth and clarity, Dr. Lucy Jane Miller, and Doris Fuller weave a tapestry that is Sensory Processing Disorder, with a beautiful blend of children, family, facts and insight. I heard the doves singing their night song outside my window as the evening shadows fell. I kept reading. I kept learning. The giggles of my own child singing in the bathtub faded from my hearing, as the words and feelings of other sensational children rang in my heart.

A warm cup of coffee was pressed into my hand, and my house settled into the deep silence of the night. I felt Lucy's presence beside me as she gently guided my thoughts toward new understanding, and taught me A SECRET. New tools, new concepts, brought new understanding.

I slipped into the lives of children with different forms of SPD, as a silent engaged observer, and the truth of our sensational children rings clear. With better understanding, we can offer more hope, and more help. These are the stories of all our children, written in a style that makes sense, one answer at a time. One child at a time.

I looked up as I heard the doves sing good morning, and the sun rose on a new day filled with more hope than I ever imagined. I closed the book, with a contented sigh, on the last page. With tears in my eyes, and a smile on my lips, I knew this book will be with me every day. My guide and my own personal reminder of hope. Now I've got A SECRET! And I intend to share it...

There is not one of us, therapist, teacher or parent who wouldn't benefit by reading this book. I am touched beyond measure. I am elated for her, and know this book will open doors that have been closed and the eyes of those who could not see.

New concepts, categories, and strategies. And...A SECRET from Lucy to you, that will be an invaluable tool for you. Buy this book, read this book, any way you can.

Thank you, Lucy!

— Written by Michelle Morris

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